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33 Macedon Street, Sunbury, VIC

03 8746 9921

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Ladies, I am very excited to announce that Freedom Fitness will be merging with Advance Fitness 9 December 2019.

Why? There are many factors which have contributed to this decision:

1. The lease for the Freedom Fitness building expires in January 2020. The rent on the premises is exorbitant (criminal in fact) and I am not prepared to sign another 5 years lease and be locked in.

2. I did have a buyer for the gym back in July. Deposit was paid, contracts were ready but the landlord would not approve the transfer of lease. Therefore the sale did not go through (no matter how many options we threw at the landlord to get the sale over the line) and the potential buyer bought another gym.

3. Personally, over the past 2 years I've had both my parents pass away (which took its toll on me) and, as a few of you know, my daughter has been quite ill the last 6 months, requiring 2 months of hospital inpatient care, and now my focus is on her recovery, which is going to take a very long time, and which I cant do when I'm working 2 jobs 50-60 hours a week. Something has to give!

4. Over the past 5 years a number of gyms have started up in Sunbury, along with numerous personal trainers working from home. Although this did not affect our membership base, we have not grown over the past few years, yet expenses have gone up every year (rent, wages, super, electricity, plus so much more). Those of you who have been members for many years would be aware your membership prices have never gone up while I have been here – which has resulted in myself having to work more hours (for nothing) just to keep the gym open and the girls employed.

5. As I had decided recently not to renew the lease my only other option was to close the gym and walk away. Then the offer of merging with Advance Fitness came along and after many discussions over the past few weeks and meetings, I have agreed to join them. I believe this is the best solution, to provide a continuing health and fitness service to our members and keep the social friendships so many of you have made over the years.



Tel: 03 8746 9921      Email: admin@freedomfit.net

Why the merge?

Due to the end of lease in January 2020, Freedom Fitness is closing Sunday the 8th of December at 12pm  and merging with Advance Fitness Sunbury.

(73 Horne Street, Sunbury)


Why Advance Fitness?

As approximately 75-80% of Freedom Fitness members attend mainly for the classes, I needed to chose a gym that was orientated around group fitness classes. With Powerhouse and Snap being “meathead” gyms they weren’t even in consideration. The council were too hard to deal with for the Leisure Centre and Anytime Fitness have a group fitness area that is lucky to fit 6 people in it. On meeting the owners of Advance Fitness they were very excited to have our members join and become apart of their “community”. They understand my number 1 priority during this process has been to look after the Freedom members, as I didn’t want them to feel abandoned. With Advance not being focused on the body building type gym members, they offer a very relaxed and welcoming facility – the most similar to ours in the Sunbury area – so it was an easy decisionAnd of course there are the Freedom members who don’t participate in the classes and prefer doing their own workout. With a few different workout areas at Advance (and much more equipment) there is plenty on offer for everyone.




Therefore the impact will be minimal – the only real change will be the venue. We will be catering for ALL our class ladies, adding early morning, 7:45am low impact, mid morning and evening classes with your regular trainers. Therefore if you're a bit unsure, just start with the classes you are familiar with and then venture into some of Advance’s regular classes.


Why the short notice?

The only condition Advance are asking is that it all occurs prior to Christmas (as the influx of Freedom members plus the regular post Xmas rush would be too overwhelming for all). This has put me under a bit of pressure to get everything organised but now that it is happening I'm beginning to get a bit excited, especially as members will have the best of both worlds – familiar trainers and classes, plus new classes like Zumba, Aqua Aerobics, BodyPump, multiple saunas, and much more equipment, as well as 24 HOUR ACCESS. I also can't wait to take spin classes in their spin room – 30 bikes – room for everyone – let’s show them how to do a spin class! At this stage we are finalising a new group fitness timetable to incorporate as many of our classes and their classes on the 1 schedule – the variety and choice will be HUGE! The timetable will be available to you all as soon as I have it.


As a member what do I need to do?

Prior to the transition members won't need to do anything. All you will need to do from the 9th of December is join Advance Fitness at their special Freedom Fitness member offer(s). See MEMBERSHIP TAB. This special offer is only available to Freedom Fitness members who join within a 4 month period (ends 8 April 2020). To help with the membership rush, if you can pop in to Advance before the 9th of December and organise the join that would be of great help and will save the hassle of navigating the rush period.

All paid in full memberships will be honoured by Advance Fitness, so if you have 1, 2 or 3 months left of your Freedom Fitness membership there is nothing to pay until that membership has been completed (but you still will need to join prior to beginning at Advance, just no payment will be required).

All direct debit memberships (regardless of the time remaining on the contract) will be cancelled at Freedom Fitness via our debit companies Debit Success, Ezidebit or Ezypay. Please be patient as it is going to take a while for us to individually cancel each membership leading up to the 9th of December.


THE GYM WILL BE CLOSED FROM 12 NOON ON THE 8TH OF DECEMBER after which I begin the arduous task of clearing the building of EVERYTHING. Ladies, believe me, this was not an easy decision to make and I am dogged by the feeling of letting people down, but I need to focus on my family now and believe this is a better outcome than shutting down completely. I am currently working through the process of making sure everything is in place by 9 December – which is a very time consuming process.I am more than happy to answer any questions/queries, receive feedback, and of course I am expecting some complaints, which I would prefer you address to myself rather than the girls. As further information becomes available (including the new timetable to start 9 December) I will let everyone know, as I am trying to be as transparent as possible.


I am looking forward to lightening my workload and just taking classes, and hope you can all see the positive of this situation. I urge as many of you to just give it a chance, try it for a month or so and if its not a good fit for you, its totally understandable.As a final note, I would like to thank all the present and previous members of Freedom Fitness for all their support over the years and most of all the exceptional staff we have had working here – without whom we would not have been able to continue for so long. It’s going to be an emotional few weeks for me, as it’s starting to become REAL, but looking at the bigger picture I am hopeful of a bright future.